Introduction to the

Introduction to the

Introduction to The Sleuth Kit

Did you lose photos from your mobile phone that were very important to you? Or did you lose some documents from your computer and no matter how much you try, you can’t restore them? Well, all your worries end today. The Sleuth Kit is a free software, which you can use to recover lost files and also analyze disk images. Even though it is often used as a digital foreign tool, you can use it for non-commercial purpose as well.

The Sleuth Kit is a library of command line tools used to probe into disk images. You can also check the volume of the system data. It is has a plug-in framework that allows you to incorporate modules for analyzing files and build an automatic system. You can also include this library into bigger digital commercial forensic tools to find evidence.

Designed using state of art technology, The Sleuth Kit allows you to examine files on a suspect computer in a non-intrusive manner. It doesn’t depend on the computer’s operating system, enabling you to check files that are hidden or deleted. The software comes with a media management tool that helps you examine disk layouts. The Sleuth Kit supports Mac partitions, GPT disks, Sun slices, BSD partitions, and DOS partitions, enabling you to identity partition locations and extraction for file system analysis.

Complete Analysis of Forensic Data

Phone forensics involve gathering evidence on the basis of communication made through telephone and making conclusions on the basis of such findings. There are various sophisticated (and often not very legal) methods of doing this.

Since you can’t do complete analysis of forensic data with Sleuth Kit alone, you’ll need to install TSK Framework, so that you can include and analyze modules that are written by other software developers. The software is written in C and Perl and works efficiently on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Open & FreeBSD, Solaris, and CYGWIN. You can analyse UNIX and non-Unix file systems with great ease because its underlying tool kit is solid strong, making The Sleuth Kit a highly competent system.

Even though The Sleuth Kit is an open-source tool, it has exceptional documentation. Customer support is a lot better than what free softwares offer, which proves that the team is very focused and efficient. Developers personally solve queries and are well-supported in terms of regular bug fixes and upgrades. You can use The Sleuth Kit without worrying about your data being hacked because a well-known and smart developer has made the software. With an emphasis and data retrieval and forensic analysis, it has become famous in the forensic community, which makes it a favorable choice over others available in the market.

How Can it Help You?

Here are some circumstances you would need the Sleuth Kit to help you out.

Suspecting a cheating spouse

This is one of the most common and obvious situations which calls for a private detective to carry out phone forensics. When a partner is in the process of being disloyal, he or she inevitably ends up making phone communication. It may not be the same sim card or the same mobile phone but it is very much possible that he or she may be communicating with another person through telephone. Private detectives are skilled at finding out the behavioral patterns of cheating spouses and by planting bugging device on their phone or getting access to their phone records somehow, they can arrive at findings on the basis of phone forensics.

Suspecting a fraudulent partner in business

If you suspect that a business partner may be cheating you by mismanaging the profits or stealing money from the business or dealing with people of an unscrupulous character, you may want to appoint a private detective to check what communications he makes using his phone to confirm or dismiss your apprehensions.

Suspecting a a benefits cheater

If a person has been hiding a change in the status of his benefits from a welfare organization or the government, he will inadvertently end up speaking about it on the phone with regard to certain instances such as getting a loan, buying a house, getting a job, getting a partner and so on. For instance the person may end up having a conversation about the next payment of a loan with the loan giving institution.