Oracle vs Ms SQL Database, which one is best?

Oracle vs Ms SQL Database, which one is best?

Oracle vs Ms SQL Database, which one is best?

In the database technology world, there are two main models of databases. These are SQL and Ms. SQL databases. The two databases have so many differences. However, the main difference is that MS SQL Server uses SQL/T-SQL, a controlled query language that is an extension of SQL. On the other hand, Oracle Database uses Practical Language/SQL.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is an entity-relational database management scheme that was developed by Oracle Corporation in 2014. Oracle stores data logically in form of tablespaces. Physically, Oracle stores data in form of data files such as tablespaces. The data stored in form of Tablespaces carries various types of the memory segment, for instance, the Data Segments and Index Segments. Each of these segments contains one or more ranges which comprise groups of adjoining data blocks. The data blocks create a basic unit of data storage. Therefore, the Oracle database management tracks a computer data storage via the information stored in the system that is via tablespace. The tablespace “system” has data dictionary with indexes and clusters by default. A data dictionary has a unique collection of tables with information about all user-entities in the database.

MS SQL Database

The MS SQL server is an RDBMS, which is a creation of Microsoft. MS SQL Database is a software product whose main function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, which may run on that computer or on another computer under the same internet connection. The MS SQL comes in so many languages; however, it uses query languages T-SQL and ANSI SQL as the main languages. It has great features that have an availability and disaster recovery. In addition, its features have initiative scalability across processer, networking, and storage, security, and compliance. The database has consistent data stand on-premises to the cloud,

Difference between MS SQL and Oracle databases

  • The control system in MS SQL is different from that of Oracle database. The MS SQL Server controls all the tasks individually by default. If you make an error, it is not simple to undo anything under this database. Conversely, Oracle database allows changes but only in the memory. However, nothing can go through until an explicit “COMMIT” statement is agreed with some concessions.
  • Ms SQL Server classifies objects like tables, outlooks, and procedure by the folder names. While in Oracle, they group database objects by the user’s schemes.
  • The Oracle Database has two interfaces; these are GUI and SQL while MS SQL Server has only one interface that is SQL.
  • The MS SQL Server supports the D language while Oracle Database does not support the D language.
  • The Oracle Database is an exclusive software while MS SQL Server is an open spring software.
  • The Oracle Database is available for various software’s for example, windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X, z/OS, and AIX. On the other hand, SQL Server is only available for Windows, Solaris Linux, FreeBSD and, OS X.

Oracle database (the best)

Between Oracle and MS SQL Database, Oracle database is the best. One of the most interesting things about Oracle database, which makes to be the best, is its portability. Unlike MS SQL Database, Oracle database can be ported to many platforms at the same time. Therefore, it makes its application easy and fair from direction changes in the hardware and system and it is, therefore, a safe bet. Besides, it is more functional and reliable. The Oracle databases are used in almost all business level applications. It delivers exceptional performance whenever challenged with any demanding tasks. Other advantages of Oracle database is that it contains all the four featured properties that a database must carry. These are atomicity, constancy, isolation, and strength. The Oracle database maintains all these properties thereby offering a trustworthy and competent database system.

In conclusion, Oracle and Ms SQL Database are the main databases in databases technology. Both of them perform the same task but are not similar. Nevertheless, Oracle database is better than Ms SQL is. It is able to run almost all the major platforms like windows and other networking protocols. Besides, it is also the leading database in the market today.